Friday, May 22, 2009

Almost the weekend

Well, looks like I may not get an outside walk in early this morning. It looks like we might have some rain today so I think I may steal a few minutes of cleaning off my cutting table instead of walking on the treadmill. Just don't feel like a treadmill walk today! I ran to Hobby Lobby last night to get some floss for a new Christmas design I am stitching and tried to figure out which DMC Perle cotton I should get for Jeanne. She wants to try using some of the slightly heavier threads but, of course, since she was home and I was standing in Hobby Lobby looking at the threads, I couldn't remember what she wanted. So I grabbed one of each thickness and dropped them off for her. Oh, what a decision!

We are playing with different background fabrics to see what we want to use for a couple of new designs. Jeanne found some great tan fabric a year ago that she thinks is called "Paperbag" color. We haven't been able to locate it but absolutely love the color and texture. If you've heard of it, please let us know!

Hope you have a great long weekend if you celebrate Memorial Day. I think we may go to one of the area parades. There is just something about all the flags on Memorial Day that tug at my heart.

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