Sunday, May 3, 2009

Spring At last!

I spent a wonderful day working-finally-in my flower beds without sinking into the mud. It was gorgeous-about 63 degrees with blue skies. My main flower bed needed to be raked and some leftovers from last fall pulled out. It felt like seeing some old friends to see what was coming up under the old leaves. I also found a small rose bush that I had completely forgotten planting last fall. Now, if I could just remember what color the roses are I'd be happy!

Jeanne stopped over this afternoon and we got our lists out and made sure they are in synch. Since we are now officially back from Festival for 2 weeks it is time to get back on track with the new patterns. Check out our web site to see the 2 new patterns that were favorites at Festival-A Kind Woman and Button Faces. I'll be talking about them this week, as well as sharing pictures of them and some new friends from Festival. Hope your week starts out well!

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