Saturday, August 29, 2009

Colored version of block 3

So what do you think about Sophie in color??? I am so in love with this wall-hanging. I have the September design already stitched in red so it is ready to go up on the 1st. I want to rush ahead and finish the next designs too so I can see it all together. I don't know which version I love the best. I think I may have to vote for the colored version just because the colors are so vibrant.

Jeanne is one week away from her trip to Spain. Time to move ahead with the clothes selection. I understand that it was 116 degrees in Denia last week and the heat is not supposed to ease. That's what you get for going to the Mediterranean in September I guess. I'm looking into Spanish classes to get a jump ahead on my anticipated visit to Spain next year. Just can't figure out what type of class to take-memorization of key travel phrases (where is the bathroom? I need a Diet Coke? How much...?) or a more traditional class where you try to understand the language itself. Need to decide this weekend as registration is just about finished.

Keep stitching as you enjoy the last week of the summer! Are you thinking ahead to Christmas designs? We are!!!

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