Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Jeanne and I were delighted to be asked to send one of our favorite patterns, no I won't tell you which one yet, to a great magazine for a photo shoot. The folks at the magazine asked that we make the pillow (that's a hint!) a tad smaller so I just finished a new version of it and am about to go looking for a box for it. The lovely pillow (that's a hint again) is going to make a journey to Virginia for the shoot next week. Then the picture and info about the pattern will be in one of the 2010 magazines.

Ok-we'll share more when we can. I promise!

Tania and baby Roco should be home from the hospital today. We are still walking around with huge smiles on our faces. The entire extended family is so thrilled with his safe arrival. Jeanne is practising saying "Roco" with a Spanish accent so she is ready for her formal introduction to her new grandbaby in 2 weeks!

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