Monday, September 14, 2009

Stitching by the Pool

Yes, that's right. I was stitching by the pool. We made it with no problems and have enjoyed the vacation so far. Convention activities begin this afternoon but I don't have any responsibilities to attend until tonight. So it's back to the pool for me!

Please take a look at the colored floss version of Sophie's purses that I posted today. I enjoyed picking out the colors to make these sparkle. I think Jeanne designed some really cute purses-I wish I hade the middle one for a party tonight. It will match my outfit!

Jeanne has one more week in Spain and is holding Roco every minute she can. Her luggage finally arrived and from the few pictures I've seen (hint, hint, I need more pics!) the weather is wonderful in Denia and the beach is gorgeous. But I haven't heard that she is doing any stitching-hmmm.... we'll have to discuss this when she gets back! Let me know what you think about the colored purses. Hope your own work is going well and you're continuing to like our BOM. I'm moving onto stitching the birdies for a new set of towel designs. I may post a bit of a picture mid week. Later stitching friends!