Saturday, October 31, 2009

Easy Knitting!

You know, when you don't feel too good sitting and doing easy knitting can help. I've spent the last few days getting over the flu and I think I'm almost there. In the meantime, I've read a couple of good books, watched the Food Network (love the Barefoot Contessa-why can't she be my neighbor?), and finished some redwork. The next block of our Sophie BOM will be posted for you to download on Monday. Jeanne is going to get the picture of the red version on our web site tomorrow. So stay tuned! We're almost done and ready to put wall-hanging together.

Here is a hint at what I've been knitting. It's easy knitting-straight garter stitch with scraps of yarn that go together so easy it's almost sinful. And the end result can be the perfect Christmas or hostess or birthday gift for your stitching buddies. We'll be showing the finished product again next week but I thought you'd like these colors today!

Thanks to family and friends for checking in often and helping out with grocery runs, flowers, iced coffee, and movies to watch. Between the chicken soup and the love, we're about to turn the corner to full recovery!

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