Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Knitting and magazine efforts

Thanks for the great suggestions for 2010 Sophie! We're hard at work trying to decide what the theme should be and how to layout the new version. In the meantime, I am starting to do the final stitching on November's final design. Then, sigh-it's so SAD, we will put Sophie together and-TA DA-we will have a complete wall-hanging! Of course, there are a couple of other ideas to share along the way-one for a sweet tote bag that I think may just become the Christmas gift du jour!

I'm also still playing with little bits of yarn as we finalize the instructions for a cute, simple to stitch pin cushion made up of all your left over bits and pieces of yarn. I have 4 done now but want at least 6 for the picture. Hmmm...next, how about chartreuse, violet, hot pink, and teal????? Perhaps, soft bubblegum pink, purple, navy blue, and lavendar????? No matter, though, I CAN'T use orange-did you know Jeanne hates orange?? Not sure why, she won't even tell older sister!

And we are sending off the last little information bits about one of our designs that will be appearing in a quilting magazine in February. We're pretty excited about this as it's a magazine that we have enjoyed reading. More to come when the issue is out!

Thanks for the Sophie suggestions-keep them coming. We want 2010 to be the BEST Sophie ever!

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