Thursday, October 8, 2009

Last Sunflower and Fall Harvest

I stopped at Jeanne's this morning and took one last look around her place. Fall has definitely hit the place. But this one sunflower seems to be hanging around-regardless of all the pumpkins, squash and gourds they have gathered. I got 3 sunflowers yesterday at the Farmer's Market to keep in my office. Funny how much light they seem to reflect back at me!

Cleaning the studio didn't succeed in much besides just stirring up the place. Every time I started on a pile of stuff I found something that I needed to stop and look at. about two steps foward for one step back! I did find both versions of our Fall Harvest wall hanging and dropped one at Jeanne's so we can each have one of these to hang until it's time for the Christmas decorations to go up.

This was a great pattern to create as I got to really indulge my love for all things fall! I used a lot of fabrics from my stash as the largest pieces of fabric needed are for the borders and backing. Each block is a mish-mash (like the technical term?) of small pieces of fabric. Perfect to indulge your whimsy. I think I will try to dream up a Christmas version of this next.

You can find this Fall Harvest pattern for sale under New Patterns on our web site here. And, remember, it's buy one/get one free where patterns are concerned. Just put the name of your free pattern choice in the comments when you place your order!

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