Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mid week-Buy One/Get One Free!

No real snow since I mentioned it on Monday-maybe my wish kept it away???

I have posted a great Candy Corn picture that Jeanne took. It always makes me think of Halloween even though I can't stand eating the stuff. Now, give me a Kit Kat and I'm in 7th heaven.

I just finished the colored version of this month's Sophie design. I can probably get a picture taken later today so will try to post it tomorrow. Funny how the smallest little motifs look the cutest sometimes. I think this small flower bouquet would look wonderful enlarged for a pillow centerpiece. Let me know how you think you might use it...

We're starting to see some folks taking advantage of our Buy One Pattern/Get one Free. Be sure to skip over to our web site and check things out. We'd love to send along a free pattern for your stitching delight! You can click here to go directly to the web site.

Also, you'll start to hear more about the ability to purchase some of our patterns as downloads rather than paying for shipping and handling. We'll give you the details next week. Stay tuned!

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