Thursday, March 25, 2010

Off to Amy's House!

Ok-my back is killing me and I'm not even in the car yet! Actually I'm packing-or trying to decide what I want to work on-and I must have been bending over a little for too long. And with an 8 hr drive tomorrow to Amy's house, that might be a problem. Bonnie, Sheila and I are heading off for a wonderful quilting visit to Amy's house. It's the annual pilgrimage for fun, visiting, quilting, talking, did I say quilting, etc? In spite of having 3 boys in the house (that includes Tim, Amy's husband) we do get a great deal of girl talk across the long weekend.

Projects I am taking along (just in case): new redwork wall-hanging that Jeanne designed, a bag of yo yo's to make into flowers, a rooster embroidery motif that might turn into a table runner, a table runner that was made about 8 years ago and is basted-I want to learn how to machine stipple if someone will sit by me and help, my laptop for writing, my Nintendo and a new Pokemon game to play with the boys, and did I say a new redwork wall-hanging that Jeanne designed???? I think I'll try to stitch in the car for a bit-last time I got quite a bit done on the ride along with some great car conversations.

What is said in the car stays in the car...right girls????

I hope you are all going to have as much fun as I am planning to have this weekend!

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