Monday, January 17, 2011

Christmas Cactus

2011-01-17 17:56:46 +0000
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4-6 inches of snow by the end of today. Sigh!!! Yes-we are used to winter but this is getting a tad bit old. So this collage of photos of my Christmas Cactus in my office is offered to brighten my day and yours. Time to pull out my embroidery and stitch for an hour.

What are you working on today?


  1. Wish I had time to stitch those cute ornaments that I made you for Christmas. I have PT and then have to work on my daughter's 2nd babyshower invites. I'm downloading her baby pics to add to the invite. Should be fun! I kind of like the snow today. Would have been better if it was a true 'snow day'! Mary

  2. I am working on new dish towels, they are my favorite things!