Sunday, January 16, 2011

Quick as a Wink Knit Pin Cushion

Coaster designs 7
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While all the fabric we have is being re-organized and straightened, I have been keeping my knitting fingers busy. This little multi-colored pin cushion is my new favorite thing to knit while watching football. (Did I mention that the Green Bay Packers won yesterday? Oh, guess I didn't!)

We are calling our Quick as a Wink Knit Pin Cushion. The pattern will be posted on our web site soon. Plus we are going to feature this on our Etsy Shop. Keep your eyes out!!! We'll let you know when everything's ready.


  1. Cute little pin cushions! Have you heard of the new word, "pinkeeps"? That is what I am hearing lately. Interesting word. . . . .

  2. I think that is an old English word. I think I have read it somewhere. Thanks for reminding me of it!

  3. Pinkeeps is super cute Linda.

    Janell, I'm very interested in this cupcake pattern - is this something I can buy from you...I need it for a cupcake challenge with my guild and I'm loving yours:)