Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Quilt Lady

Today I visit 'the quilt lady'-some one talented in machine quilting who will help me finally turn my quilt tops into quilts. I must admit that I have a stack of 6 quilt tops and plans to make more. Unfortunately, they are not the type that I would invest more time in by hand-quilting. Either the patterns don't lend themselves to that style or I don't have the time. It can take over a year to hand-quilt a quilt-at least for me!

So, through sheer diligence, I have an appointment at 1:30 to meet with a 'quilt lady' to talk about what I need done. I plan to leave 3 quilt tops and their backs there. Her work is gorgeous and she is award winning. On the phone she sounds delightful. Jeanne may come along-that would be extra fun.

I'll let you know how it goes. Oh, did I mention I experienced the rise in cotton prices when I went shopping for fabric for the quilt backs? Let's see 8 yards of batik fabric at $10.25 a yard. Hmmm....where's that check book?

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