Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back at work

Well-I am back at work after the holidays and it feels like I never left. Today I worked on reports all day while thinking (with part of my brain!) about a new pattern. Funny how the brain can be split in two pieces and function well on both levels. Almost like something out of one of the paranormal novels that I love and Jeanne just can't get into...

I stopped at Jeanne's for coffee on the way to the office but forgot to bring my new project to show her. I think she kind of wanted to yell at me for forgetting it but she was good and didn't. So I have to stop tomorrow and NOT forget. I put the prototype by my purse-maybe that will help me remember!

We're pretty excited about the Block of the Month that we will start on January 15th. It seems that many new web sites are starting these but many seem to be kind of country-ish (which we love) and many seem to be starting off with a snowman in some form (which we also love). But OUR Block of the Month is neither country-ish nor has a snowman anywhere near it! How's that for declaring our independence? More to come soon.

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