Sunday, January 18, 2009

Uploads and next month

Our web mistress, Annie, should be able to help us tomorrow get the first block of our BOM on our web site. From there, I have figured out how to link to it so downloading it should be easier. I appreciate everyone's patience-I just wanted the process to be simpler than it had been to download our free patterns. I promise we should be all set soon.

Jeanne is working on the next block already-it's really that a mean hint or what?? I travel Monday and Tuesday so will have plenty of time to stitch. How do you plan your trips? Is it a matter of having a separate bag for your knitting and stitching? That's usually the case for me. Of course, redwork and other types of stitchery are pretty portable-that helps because I always have to have something to read too. One plane trip last year I had one too many bags and they weren't going to let me take my knitting on the plane-so I had to shove EVERYTHING into my purse and then kind of sneak on board . I want to be save and don't want everyone to lug all those big suitcases on board but still...a small paper bag with knitting in it wasn't going to bother anyone! Well, Monday I think it will be stitchery and no knitting. That way there is no possibility of an issue-everything fits in my purse.

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