Friday, January 9, 2009

Planning for the weekend

Stopped for coffee at Jeanne's. We are hard at work on our 2009 Block of the Month. The trick is to figure out how to not include EVERYTHING we like about being girly! We spent some time talking about what makes us feel good when we get all dressed up-is it the ritual of a bubble bath, is it the fancy dress, is it the makeup and perfume, what about great shoes??? From this came the beginnings of our block of the month. For me, comes the fun of the layout and how to finish the final result of the little designs. I'm having fun now trying to decide on the fabrics to use. It's fun to pull it all together. Equally fun is deciding on the embellishments that will add some glitz!

We are going to show a redwork version of the first month's block first. That's our heritage and we LOVE RED! But I will also be stitching each block in colors and will share that later each month. We'd love to hear what makes YOU feel girly! Come on, you can tell us....

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