Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sophie is on the web site!

With great help from our technical support, Annie, our first block of the month has finally made it to our web site. Click here to go to our web site and find her. We were able to get Sophie-our first block of the Dress Up Block of the Month posted as a pdf file. You should be able to just click on her and print out the page. More information about this project will follow.

We plan to post a picture of each block in red and white (our first love!) and later each month, in colors. We will also post the details of how to put the blocks together as we go. For now-you will need no more than 1/2 yard of white or a light tone on tone 100% cotton and you will be ready to start. We're having fun getting this going and we hope you love the designs. We'll add each month and won't take them down until the entire project is finished.

Sorry for the delay-I was traveling and we desperately needed the technical expertise neither of us has. But we think you'll love playing Dress Up with us!

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