Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday at last!

It seems like I just try to rush through the week to get to Friday. Oh...I do, don't I? It's been an exciting week at least. I spent Monday and Tuesday in Atlanta for business meetings. Bruce recorded much of the inauguration events for me since he knew I'd miss them while travelling. I found it so amazing that strangers were watching the Inauguration Parade on airport tv's and sharing comments about the day. It felt like we were all connected and sharing what was going on-even if it was remotely.

THEN we finally got our new girlfriend-Sophie-out in public! The response to Sophie has been so heart warming. Both Jeanne and I are thrilled at the comments we have received. We are just jumping all over the design board trying to lay out the next couple of month's worth of designs. I think this time we will have TOO many good ideas. I'm planning to start the colored floss version of Sophie Soaking this weekend so it can go up next week to show you our girl in living color. February's design is ready to share when the time is right. Let us know what you can envision Sophie doing as she plays Dress Up-we'd love to hear what you think.

The sub-zero temperatures are coming back to WI for another frigid weekend. I think I'm all set with stitching to do, a new book to read (I just discovered Barbara Bretton and Robyn Carr), and a pot of white chicken chilli ready to make tomorrow morning. I hope your Friday sets you up for a great weekend!

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