Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mid- week chores

Cut, stack, cut, stack, bag up, print, print, print, put label on, repeat process! That has been the pattern for Jeanne and I for the last 2 weeks. With her list of tasks in front of us, we have been working hard to get all the kits ready for Quilt Festival. Jo (our little sister) came over on Saturday and was given tasks to complete at one table as I cut and stacked at another. Jeanne was the whirling dervish that kept us going with coffee and cranberry nut bread. (A business meeting is only as good as the food -right??)

The funniest thing was that I eventually had to tell Jo-"Stop talking for a few minutes!" because I kept cutting wrong while trying to listen to what she was saying. Jo-who is a talker just like her 2 older sisters-was quite taken aback by my yell. But once I explained her eldest sister (ME) was unable to separate her brain to allow for listening AND figuring out how to cut chenille so the fabric design was best utilized and keep everything on the fold and don't cut your fingers off and don't tip over the cups of coffee.... She finally understood.

Now I am waiting for MOM to send me some yo yo's so I can complete a sample of our Yo Yo Tablerunner in bright fabrics so we have a country-ish sample and a bright sample to show at the Festival. I'm excited to get the yo yo's (thanks MOM) because the fabrics just make me smile. I'll share a photo when it is completed.

And it's almost time for new Sophie Block of the Month designs. Just wait...they're cute!

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