Friday, March 27, 2009

New Redwork Pattern!

We are so excited about our newest Redwork Pattern-take a look at our Redwork Angel picking flowers from the clouds. What kind of flowers are in the heavens? Well, the sun, moon and stars! Don't you just love her??? She is an original design (of course!) from Jeanne. Just between you and me, she has a couple of sister angels who are also delightful to stitch. You just might see one or two of the sister angels before the year is done.

Even though we have started to let our fancy flow into lots of new stitchery styles-everything from yo yo's to felt to needle-punch and everything in between-it will always be Redwork and the simplicity of red on white stitchery that holds the favorite place for both of us. We hope you love our newest Redwork pattern-you can purchase it and make up a great pillow on our website.

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