Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Working on Kits

I think we have finally decided what patterns we are going to kit up for the Quilt Festival in April. We've agreed to make kits of Garden Bunnies, Pincushion Treats (both fabric and wool felt versions), and 2 new patterns that Jeanne has just developed called Button Faces and A Kind Woman. We'll be showing pictures of all 4 kits probably next week. Right now Jeanne's kitchen table is covered with all the various component pieces that have to go together soon. I've made her PROMISE that she won't dream up any more new ideas until after the Festival. There just isn't enough time to develop any more. (Right JEANNE??)

We've given a box of pattern pieces to our brother-in-law to assemble for us. He does a great job for us and we appreciate all the help. I sent fabric off today to our Mother in Virginia so she can make up 56 extra small and 20 small yo yo's for a great Spring bright version of our Yo Yo Tablerunner to show off at Festival. Now we just have to keep our energy up!!! I think we need coffee and chocolates!

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