Friday, April 3, 2009

Booth #2112

It's been great to hear that some of our stitching buddies are planning to be in Chicago for the Quilt Festival. We're going to be in booth #2112 and are excited to hear that some of you hope to stop by. All of your positive thoughts are so nice! Sometimes it's hard to envision who is really stitching our designs so it's wonderful to have a chance to hear from some of you.

Tomorrow we plan to try to pack my car and see if there is room for us! You would think we would be pretty good at this packing for market stuff but it's always a challenge. And since we are taking quite a few kits of new patterns that means some of the box shapes aren't necessarily going to fit together smoothly. When we fly to Houston we are SO constricted by what can fit in a suitcase. I would think it would be easier to just throw things in the back seat...but we'll see tomorrow!

I'll be posting pictures of a couple of our newest designs over the next couple of days-just a sneak preview for you before we introduce these new patterns at Festival. For those who aren't able to get to Chicago, I'll include the update when the patterns are available on web site for sale.

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