Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kits, Kits, and more kits!

Last night I cut the last of the kit fabric up and turned it over to Jeanne this morning for assembly. We have 6 kits to offer at the Quilt Festival-A Kind Woman (new pattern), Button Faces (new pattern), Jingle Bell Pillow (new pattern), Garden Bunnies, and 2 versions of our Pincushion Treats-one in wool felt and one in 1930's reproduction fabrics. We're pretty excited about these kits and think we've priced them pretty reasonably considering they include the pattern and various items that help with the pattern-like the jingle bells needed for the pillow, buttons for Button Faces, and have even included the base for the Pin Cushion Treats! (Of course, it was no punishment to eat all the ice cream that filled the containers we took tops from to use as the pin cushion base!!!) We're thinking of offering more kits on our web site-what do you think???

I have a 3 day weekend because of Easter so will try to finish up all the stitching that is yet to do. I hope to get our 2nd version of our Care Quilt back from the machine quilter this week yet so I can sit and add the binding while watching tv this weekend.

We hope your Easter is going to be full of sunshine and smiles-

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