Thursday, February 4, 2010

2010 Sophie Block of the Month begins!

We're pretty excited to finally be able to share the first look at our new Sophie block of the month. Last year Sophie went shopping. That was fun-especially seeing the wonderful ways that some of you put the blocks together. But this year we've decided to share some of Sophie's favorite things. And, while everything will lead up to a completed wall-hanging at the end of the year, we're going to have more fun with smaller projects along the way.

We'd suggest starting off with a one yard piece of muslin or Kona cotton to use for all the embroidery pieces. We'll share more about the finished projects as we go. We're stitching Sophie with her flowers in red because we have to start with redwork-you know US!

Stay tuned for more ways to enjoy your stitching. And download Sophie on our web site-click here.

P. S. We are going to leave our 2009 Sophie on our site so you can download any parts you may have missed. I really get upset when I miss a month of this kind of project. So we'll leave Sophie 2009 available for a while yet.

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