Monday, February 15, 2010

Facebook fanpage started!

I've had some fun this weekend creating a fanpage on Facebook. Please be sure to check us out under Lasting Treasure Vintage Embroidery Designs. I think it will be fun to share some different photos and find out what our stitching friends are doing that spend time on Facebook. I'm not 100% sure how to do everything there but we can learn together!

Jeanne's visitors from Spain arrived last night-safe and sound. Coffee this morning was great holding baby Roco.

Jeanne and I spent some time on the phone last night talking about our next version of Sophie with flowers-we're thinking using yo yo flowers instead of embroidery would be a nice change. Let us know what you think. We're throwing around ideas for doing some different things this year with our Block of the Month-always doing one version in red and white (of course!) but maybe adding in some applique, yo yo's, beading, etc. for a different look too. What's your favorite embellishment???? We'd love to hear from you.