Thursday, February 18, 2010

New pattern in the works

Jeanne has been spending quite of bit of her time (when not holding her wonderful little grandson, Roco, who is visiting from Spain) surrounded by Yo Yo's. It's amazing how many yo yo's the two of us have accumulated over the last couple of years.

Of course, that included the hundreds (I'm NOT kidding) of yo yo's I made two years ago to use in decorating our booth at Houston's International Quilt market. We actually strung yo yo's together with fishing line and hung them from the top of our booth. And I made a "quiet" windchime out of yo yo's that made a lot of people laugh when they figured out what it was!

And then there is the big bag of yo yo's Jeanne bought at a rummage sale! There have to be at least a hundred in that bag-some of the ugliest fabrics I've ever seen in my life were used for those. You know, that's a great idea to use up scraps ugly fabric that wasn't so ugly when you bought it. HMMMM>>>>>

Anyway, we're working on a new pattern. So how many yo yo's would you think it would take to make a bouquet of flowers??? Just asking!!!

P. S. We have a great sale on 4 different sizes of the Clover Yo Yo makers on our web site. Check it out here!

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