Thursday, September 23, 2010

Surreal 48 hours!

Well, we are not on our way to Spain today. The trip to visit family and explore EVERYTHING has been postponed. Our Mom arrived Tuesday morning so we could all fly together and within 2 hours of landing, was in the back of an ambulance heading for the hospital. Within 4 hours of landing she was scheduled to have a pacemaker implanted and within 7 hours was in a hospital room starting her recovery! WOW.

We are so very blessed to have this occur here and not over the Atlantic or somewhere along the way. Recovery will be good. Coincidentally, she can't travel the same length of time we would have been abroad. Tickets can still be used and the battery in her pacemaker is good for 15 years. We are grateful.

It was fantastic to see everyone in the family rally around her. Our dad and older brother are still at their home in Virginia but everyone is working together to support our Mom. We are blessed.

(As soon as she gets her arm out of the sling, we'll put her to work stitching!!!)

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