Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thinking about FALL!

The sky yesterday was that sharp, no clouds at all bright blue color that makes me see all the leaves changing immediately. It was around 62 degrees and not much breeze. Perfect day to be working on a Halloween project.

I usually don't do much with panels. Our Mom (who is doing great, thank you very much!) loves to make pillows and wall-hangings from them. But I sometimes think they are just too cute. However, last fall I found a Halloween panel that is delightful. I bought enough for 4 small wall-hangings and quickly got one quilted and on the wall before the ghosts and witches started knocking at our door.

While cleaning, always a dangerous job, I stumbled (not literally!) across the rest of the panel and decided to make another for a birthday present. I finished the simple hand quilting yesterday and will complete the binding and hanging envelope this week. Ta-da! Birthday present complete.

Tell us your opinion of panels. I finally must agree that they have their perfect use.

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