Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I spent an hour last night away from my yo yo making trying to stamp some Christmas cards. What a bad experience! I had a friend work with me (coach, actually) on some ideas for a card and wanted to stamp a white snowman on a dark blue paper and layer that on another blue snowflake paper. Well, the new white stamp pad I got at Hobby Lobby STAMPS THEN DRIES TO CLEAR! After getting all the things I needed laid out for the first 6 cards, I couldn't get the darn white ink to stay white. It doesn't say anything about drying clear-this morning I emailed my stamping coach, Jane, and asked for advice. Hopefully I can try again tonight.

And-beyond that-somewhere in my house is a baggie with bright small yo yo's all finished that I need for my new Easter Egg design. Can I find that darn baggie??? Of course not! My living room is a total disaster of Christmas chaos because we can't find a string of lights for our Christmas village. Bruce picked up the living room before he started laying out the village and my YO YO'S are missing. Rats, mumble, mumble, rats. Where is that baggie?

I wanted to lay out the Easter Egg this morning at Jeanne's house when I stopped for coffee but NO!

Jeanne has company from Spain for 2 weeks. Her son, Adam, and dil, Tania, are visiting from Valencia Spain. We are so happy to see them! Besides the warm feeling their visit brings us all-they are very talented graphic artists so Jeanne and I plan to pick their brains til they have nothing but mush left and then ship them back to Spain!! No-I didn't really mean that, did I???? Adam is going to review our web site and Tania is a talented artist and has worked with Jeanne before on our red and white postage stamp quilt with adorable animals she drew. I posted a photo of the quilt called "Chicken Scratch" so you can see the great animals she created.

Wish me luck as I search for the missing yo yo's!

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