Tuesday, February 5, 2008

February doldrums and Going Green!

I don't know what the problem is-I'm just in a bad mood. Seems like it could be all this cold and snow but I was just in Florida so that doesn't seem fair. It's not the design work. Jeanne and I are working together really well on some of the new designs. We seem to have a flag theme going. I'm actually pretty excited about the combination of pieced/appliqued designs with the addition of embroidery and yo yo's-everything we have put together in the last 4 weeks really looks great and the projects are going together really well. We should have 3 new pattern sets up on our web site this month-how sweet is that??? But I'm still kind of in a bad mood!!

The other thing we are doing a lot of thinking about is recycling and going GREEN. Since we come from a family of 5 and grew up in the midwest, it should be no surprise that we didn't always have brand new things. We shared a lot and sometimes couldn't agree on who should wear what first-especially with 3 girls in the family. Our mom was an expert at making food stretch to fill us all up and is still great at looking into her cupboard and pulling together a wonderful meal. With world conversations so focused on global warming and going green, it is not surprising that we are thinking about how to take items and re-use them. Right now we are throwing around ideas for making aprons and I'm trying to sketch out how to sew the simplest fabric grocery bag. That apron book has inspired us and who needs another paper or plastic grocery bag in their house???

Keep an eye on our blog and web site-we will be announcing a contest at the end of February. We are sure you will want to be in on the fun!!!

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