Thursday, February 28, 2008

Starting to think about Spring!

Jeanne and I have held hands and made the commitment--START THINKING ABOUT SPRING! We can't take winter anymore. Here in Oshkosh, WI we have 74 inches of snow-more expected in a day or so-and it is 11 degrees at noon. We are SICK of it.

Ok-now on to SPRING! With Easter so early this year, we have been scratching our heads about what free design to post on March 1st on our web site. Obviously, it had to have an Easter/Spring theme. Take a look to your right and you'll see what we came up with-our little chick and Easter eggs. If these don't get you thinking about Spring, keep your eye on our blog. We'll have some more ideas in a day or so.

When I stopped at Jeanne's this morning for coffee, she had a pale blue lacey, floppy hat on a mannequin head and was trying to figure out what to add for a Spring look. Well, of course, I had to start thinking too and immediately we were off in a conversation about lace gloves, a tea party to celebrate Spring's arrival, and what could we stitch that would fit in that theme??? Well, we're here to tell you SPRING IS COMING SOON!

P. S. download our chick and Easter Eggs throughout the month of March for your start on Spring! The free pattern will be available this weekend on our site.

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