Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tracing embroidery designs

I just spent 2 hours organizing and tracing and re-tracing all the embroidery designs for Fall Harvest. Right now my right hand is about to cramp up but I am even more in love with the designs for this Fall quilt. I'm not sure what I like better-the big pumpkin or the beehive with little bees buzzing around. I feel like I have been "up close and personal" with these guys since I helped Jeanne dream them up, stitched them on 2 versions of the quilt wall-hanging and THEN traced and re-traced the final choices for the pattern instructions!

After you've spent so much time with the individual parts of a pattern it is great to look at the completed piece. This wall-hanging was really fun to design. It was a stretch for me to use mostly dark fabrics (remember, I'm the pastel girl!) and the concept of hiding the blocks by designing blocks that kind of drift side to side was interesting. AND THEN to use embroidery to connect the blocks was even more fun.

All in all, one of my favorite designs from 2007!

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