Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Yo Yo's Across America!

Ok-not all the way across America but half way! Today I flew from Wisconsin to New York City and spent some time working on more yo yo's. Did you know that you can make 12 small yo yo's in one hour without dropping your spool of thread, stabbing your neighbor with your needle, or sewing a yo yo to your pants leg? Well, that is all true. I proved it myself!

My hotel room has a nice coffee table and it is heaped with stitchery projects and yo yo's as well as fabric. Although the day will be busy tomorrow with "real" work, I should have time to work on finishing another proto-type design when the day is done. Jeanne and I have exchanged a few emails tonight and it sounds like she has had a very productive day too. Ain't life grand???

When I fly home Friday afternoon I will try to break my yo yo record! You'll hear about it here first... Hmmm....could there be a future for yo yo making in the Olympics????

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