Monday, February 18, 2008

Home and MORE Snow

Since I got home Friday from my travels it has done nothing but snow. No, really-I'm not kidding. Bruce went to the airport Friday morning and dug out my car so I was able to just drive home with no worries. Saturday evening it began to snow and it snowed ALL SUNDAY. By the time it was finished (we thought) we had 7 inches. Bruce had to go out and blow snow 3 times!

So we spent Sunday snowed in. Jeanne and I went back and forth all day with phone calls and emails talking about what we were working on. I spent time going back and forth to my studio splitting time between paper-pieced airplane blocks for a birthday quilt for my grandson, Winston, and working on completing the instructions for Fall Harvest. Jeanne spent the day working on 2 new patterns and getting computer work done so she could ship an order this week.

Fall Harvest was introduced at Houston in October and was well received. It's a new type of quilt for us in that each block is different. The idea is to scatter your fabrics throughout each block and blend stitchery designs across the block so you really can't see a distinct block. I have fallen in love with this concept after seeing quilts designed by Leanne Beasley-a wonderful Australian quilter. Take a look at it and let me know what you think!

P. S. It snowed all day today!

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