Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday at last!

It's been a good week. I had a wonderful birthday and the weather is just gorgeous-Spring flowers are coming up and life is good. Jeanne and I need to meet for coffee tomorrow and go over our lists and see where we are. This week she mailed out several orders to shops carrying our patterns and one of our main distributors. She also mailed a model of our Toto Too pillow and our Things Wall-hanging to Quilting Treasures to display in their booth at Portland's Spring Quilt Market. We are excited about that because it gives us a chance to show how their great Wizard of Oz line can be used in patterns.

But next week we need to move on to starting our marketing cycle on a new pattern and that means another coffee meeting! This new pattern is a blend of yo yo's, embroidery, and patchwork-all of our loves! Add in red/white/and blue and it's just about perfect. We got so caught up in the Wizard fabrics that we skipped over introducing this pattern for almost a month. Time to give it it's day in the limelight!

This weekend I hope to post a series of pictures from the last week-keep an eye out for them please! I hope your weekend is a great one and full of stitching fun!!!