Saturday, April 5, 2008

Visit to quilt shops

We drove to Appleton, WI today and spent some time in 2 quilt/sewing machine shops there. It was fun talking to the ladies about our Wizard of Oz and pincushion patterns. It is always over-whelming to walk into a quilt store and see all the wonderful colors and patterns of fabrics. Jeanne has a real problem with it. I think it is a type of sensory over-load. There is just too much for her to look at.

It was fun to talk a bit about what was happening in the shops. We hope to share some of our designs with both shops in the future.

We spent time today at Julie's and Piece by Piece.

If you know of a shop in the area that we should stop in, don't forget to let us know their name. We love talking about fabric and quilting.

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