Thursday, April 3, 2008

There is no place like home!!

I found out that Jeanne watched the Wizard of Oz movie 3 times this weekend. Ok-stop laughing...We are feverishly working on a quilt/wall-hanging that features lines from the movie and our brains stopped working on Saturday but I didn't think she would watch it 3 times. Yes, I am admitting that we are truly a little bit like the Scarecrow...If we only had a brain!!

Now that we are in April and the last 2 days have been almost Spring-like, we are getting more and more excited about things like the Spring Quilt Festival in Chicago next weekend and are falling more and more in love with bright colors. I will try to take a picture of my work room today so you can see all the colors that are spread out on my cutting table. There is barely enough room for my cutting board.

Speaking of work rooms, I was trying to describe what my favorite music was to quilt to and decided that it's an Oldies station on the radio. How about YOU????? Maybe it's just my age (almost mid-50's! sigh!!) but oldies do it for me.

Don't forget to go to our web site and enter our contest to win 3 fat quarters of the Wizard fabric!!!! The contest goes through next week.

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