Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Almost the end of December

The roads are ice-covered and slick and we are expecting 4-6 inches of new snow today! Oh, woe is me...where will we put all the snow? Wisconsin has set nothing but new records for snow falls this month. We've had 10 more inches of snow already than we had all last year. I have a date with the grocery store later to make sure the cupboards are full in case I can't get out tomorrow.

Coffee and cruellers at Jeanne's house this morning. Her house is just so cozy in the morning. She has been working on a pretty big order that needs to be mailed out today. Of course, she had what she needed EXCEPT for one page of a pattern. Since it was the heart of the pattern, I spent a few minutes re-writing it yesterday and she is "good to go" today.

Tomorrow I will be helping to entertain my 2 oldest grandkids for the day and a New Year Eve's sleepover. I think I will convince Bree to help me organize those project bags in the studio and see what I can find for her to work on along the way. Bree has her own little sewing basket and is usually ready to jump into whatever new projects I have on the drawing board. She loves to help organize things and that is just what the sewing room needs.

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