Monday, December 8, 2008

Busy Weekend plus Stitching!

What a wonderful weekend at my house! We are fully decorated now-it snowed Saturday night at our Christmas Village-a wonderful event where whatever grand kids are around add snow to the roads and houses. Winston, 4 years old, did the honors this year and it was so exciting to watch. I had forgotten that the Village looks very different from the height of a 4 year old-he found places to put snow that I never even knew existed!

On Sunday I went dancing with my favorite dance partner and we got to do the Swing to "Jingle Bell Rock" as well as waltz divinely (in my eyes at least!) to a great waltzy version of "Silver Bells". The evening was capped off by a horse-drawn carriage ride through the town park which is filled with lights and animation for Christmas. When a great pair of friends called with the invitation, we were quick to yell "yes we want to go!" It snowed and was perfect as we huddled under the thick robes in the carriage.

But in spite of all that seasonal busy-ness, there was still time for stitching. I finished putting buttons on a version of our Care Quilt so it will be ready to take new photos and post the pattern. This is the perfect quilt to make up quickly to show someone that you care-it is just the right size to cover someone sitting in a recliner or laying on a couch while recovering from an illness or going through treatments. And, best of all, you can stitch in "care" with each piece of fabric.

Last but not least, I have added a picture of another of our Christmas patterns to peek at. Check out our web site for more!

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