Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's STill Snowing!

Will whoever is shaking the snow globe with me inside it, please STOP??? Since Friday morning it has been pretty well snowing constantly. I got out to do some Christmas shopping (as did Jeanne-maybe she found something for ME??) and it started up again as soon as I got back on the highway. I was supposed to go to a Holiday Ballroom Dance tonight but the roads are snow-covered so my dear husband decided we were safer on the couch. Not sure if he is right but it is STILL SNOWING and shows no signs of stopping.

Of course, that means that the Christmas tree and all the lights look wonderful and it is very inspiring to be trying to finish a stocking for my newest grandchild. Julia Grace, only 5 months old, won't recognize her name on the stocking this time but she will be able to be told that the stocking was hanging near her little brother's and her cousins from her first Christmas on. That's a good Grandma thing!

I checked out the February 2009 issue of Create and Decorate today. Our 2 designs-a needle punch heart and The Man in the Moon-look great. The photography is wonderful and the whole magazine looks mighty fine. Be sure to check it out!

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